Friday, May 8, 2009

Week work and presentation

This week has probably been the hardest week for me in this class so far. We had to work on our super long powerpoint presentations that were on articles that we had to find on GoogleScholar. At first I tried to look for articles about jellyfish and then albino dolphins but all of those articles were super hard and way too confusing for me to understand. I even tried to have Shandra help me find an article and she found one about blue whales which was good but it was also extremly hard so i couldnt do that either. Finally on my second to last day of working i found an article! This article is about the population of dolphins starting to decrease in the pacific ocean due to bycatch. Bycatch is when an animal is caught unintentionally while trying to catch a different animal intentionally. This happens to dolphins while fisherman try to catch tunas swimming around them. When the fisherman catch the dolphins in the net they are seperated from there mother if they are a calf and wont know where to go once they are put back in the water. This causes the death of many dolphin calfs because they can not survive on their own as a baby. Overall, i was very glad i chose this topic because i became more and more interesting as i went through it.

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