Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Week Recap!

OK well first off i would like to say that i have had a great time here in the marine biology class. Mr. Welton has really made it fun for me and i hope that he does this another year in the future so other kids can experience this class. Throughout the year we have been on field trips like going to Omaha which was one of the funnest fieldtrips i have ever been on, and also we went to Mr. Weltons brothers pet shop which was also really fun. We stopped at 7-eleven on the way there and i got a soda, hotdog, and a pack of beef jerky for breakfast! Wow was that deleicious. Anyway, over the many dayas of this class i have learned about all types of different creatures and cells likes things. I think that if Mr. Welton wasnt teaching this class then i would have had a horrible times because he is the best teacher in the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy!

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