Monday, April 20, 2009

Omaha Class Trip!!!

I had so much fun on the trip to Omaha! We had to wake up extra early to be in Omaha by 9:30 so we were that at around 5:50. At first me and Molly tried to sleep in the backseat because it was so early but for me, I can not go back to sleep once I am awake. So i was up listening to the radio with the rest of our class. Jonathan even had a british speaking GPS that helped us along the way. When we were about a half an hour away from the Omaha zoo, we decided to stop at a gas station near by. Everyone got out to get something and i got beef jerky. I needed some real beef jerky to get the nasty taste out of my mouth which was Mr. Weltons deer jerky....gross.
When we got to the Omaha zoo, we were there a little early but we didn't know that so we waited around at the entrance freezing our butts off. When we finally got in we hung around the zoo for an hour before we got a tour from our guide. Our guide took us to the Aquarium and the first thing we saw were penguins. Some of them were even doing this shedding thing and it looked really gross. Next we went over to the octopus tank where the octopus was sort of sucking on the glass with his suction cups. There was also a huge one floating around so it was pretty awesome. After that, we went over to two tanks where in one there was what seemed to be about a thousand of the same fish swimming around and then the other tank was filled with glowing jellyfish, it was pretty tight. After that we went into this tunnel that had clear windows through the whole thing so there were a bunch of manta rays and sharks all swimming around us. There were even humongous sea turtles and little fish swimming with them as well.
After the tour of the aquarium concluded, our guide took us "behind the scenes" of the aquarium and we got to see over the tank! We got to see where they fed the fish and even kept animals that were not ready to become an attraction in the zoo yet. After this, our tour guide left us we went off to discover the zoo and all of the rest of the tour attractions. They were so cool and the scariest was when the gorilla hit our window because we were pissing him off. Overall, the trip was great and i defiantly recommend it for next years class.

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