Friday, February 20, 2009

Marine Diatoms


Diatoms are essentially the "grass" of the ocean. They can not be seen by the naked eye like grass but they play the role like grass. Diatoms possess the ability to convert sunlight and nutrients into living things by the process called photosynthesis. As you know sunlight is the main source of energy so the Diatoms are technically the energy source of the ocean. Little do people know, Diatoms were originated around the Early Jurassic Period. Also, most of them are unicellular types of phytoplankton but they can also exist in colonies as well. I found out that there are two main types of Diatoms, one group are called centric diatoms which are radially symmetric and the other group are called pennate diatoms which are bilaterally symmetric.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Recap

This week was actually lots of fun! Well besides monday when we had an in-class essay but thats about it. On wednesday Mr. Welton brought us a bunch of fish tanks so we could all keep our own fish for ourselves and learn how to work and keep a fish tank!!! On friday, we had a long lecture but it was pretty interesting because we learned about biology stuff which engulfed my attention because i am taking that class this year. This has been the best week i have had in this class.
P.S............ I am thinking about getting an octopus!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Just showing you how beast Larry fitzgerald is!

This Past Week

In this week we did a lot of things! First we watched a power point about the san andreas fault an a bunch of volcanoes and earthquakes! Then we went outside on the coldest day possible and saw a cool rock full of fossils, then we went back inside to warm up and watched an awesome video. The video was showing us how animals evolved and got eaten by other animals... all part of the food chain. Lastly.........GREATEST SUPER BOWL EVER!